Sustainability Vision

Go Green and Environmentally-friendly

Our vision is that we, as a world, need to reduce emissions and practice energy conservation whilst taking steps to ensure sustainable development. Zhejiang Geely Holding Group is actively contributing to the development of a resource-saving and environmentally-friendly society. At the heart of Geely Holding Group’s social responsibility programme is a deep commitment to investing in the technological development of sustainable vehicles, the construction of green factories and production lines and raising awareness of the need for environmental protection.

Zhejiang Geely Holding Group is taking action and actively contributing to the development of a resource-saving and environmentally-friendly society.

In line with Geely’s corporate vision of producing the safest, most environmentally-friendly and most energy-efficient vehicles, Geely Holding Group has been increasing its investment in technological innovation and product improvements particularly in the areas of powertrain technology, in-car air quality, vehicle safety and a new energy strategy. Geely Holding Group is accelerating its development of small-displacement engines and lightweight vehicle bodies, as well as improving fuel efficiency to comply with European emissions standards.

Furthermore, Geely Holding Group is committed to developing multiple platform and diversified new energy vehicle technologies with the long-term aim of mass producing zero emission pure electric vehicles. All brands under Geely have committed to the electrification of their products.  Prior to reaching the age of pure-electric vehicles, the Group is focused on the development of gas-electric hybrid and plug-in hybrid technologies. The Group is proactively exploring the development and application of alternative fuels such as methanol, natural gas and ethanol.

The Group remains focused on its principle of “building green factories that do not harm the environment, making environmentally-friendly vehicles that benefit human beings”. Throughout both new factory construction and existing factory renovation, the Group adopts the most advanced environmentally-friendly and energy-saving technologies and facilities. At each of the Group’s plants, stamping and coating shops are equipped with advanced denoising and wastewater treatment facilities to reduce noise pollution and prevent water pollution. In addition, all production lines and assembly areas utilize energy-saving technologies and have in place environmentally-friendly policies. The Group has implemented strict rules for environmental control and emergency response plans.

These preventive measures, which are supported by regular data collection and established issue-reporting channels, aim to minimize the impact of production on the local environment.

The Group believes employees are essential to promoting and implementing energy-saving and emission-reduction activities. As such, the Group places great emphasis on developing a culture of greening the office to increase employee awareness of environmental protection and reduce energy consumption in the workplace. By promoting energy-saving measures, developing resource-saving habits in the office and offering recycling services, the Group believes that a green office will not only provide employees with a healthy lifestyle but will bring financial benefits to the company.

The Group’s investment in corporate social responsibility projects in the areas of environmental protection and community development actively contributes to China’s sustainable development. Geely Holding Group will continue to challenge and dedicate itself in its pursuit of sustainable development via greater energy savings and emissions reductions around the world.