Geely Auto

The era of “Tech Geely 4.0

In 2020, Geely Auto officially entered its “Tech Geely 4.0” era focused on global architecture-based vehicle production. Its high-end products, the Flagship “Star” series offer users high value and raises the bar for quality, technology, and user experience among global brands. With the advantages of global architecture-based vehicle production and its advanced NordThor E-Hybrid powertrain, Geely Auto has quickly become a leading new energy automaker. In 2021, Geely officially released the “Smart Geely 2025” strategy, opening a new era of intelligent and electrified development.

On February 23, 2023, Geely Auto officially launched a new high-end new energy product series “Geely Galaxy”, and the first product of the series, the intelligent plug-in hybrid SUV- “Geely Galaxy L7“ which comes with Geely’s Aegis battery safety system, NordThor E-Hybrid 8848 powertrain, Galaxy N-OS and Geely’s integrated “Space and Earth” intelligent drive capabilities opening up a new era of intelligent electrification for Geely Auto.

Making Refined Intelligent Cars for Everyone

‘Making Refined Intelligent Cars for Everyone’ is the inheritance and persistence of Geely’s original intention in auto manufacturing, representing Geely’s acceleration of its transformation towards new energy electrification. With its high-value experience and high-tech intelligent new energy system, Geely has achieved the expectations of users for the mobility experience of intelligent new energy cars.

Become Great For Happiness

Following the value proposition to ‘Become Great For Happiness’, Geely Auto has dedicated itself to becoming a great brand for bringing happiness to every Geely consumer, employee, and partner. Geely’s mission is to create a smart mobility experience that exceeds user expectations, become a tech-driven global auto company and the most competitive and respectable Chinese auto brand in the world. Geely is leading the automotive industry into a new era of intelligent mobility and sharing the future with the world.

Geely Galaxy Series

Geely Galaxy Series is a new high-end new energy product series from Geely Auto. The Galaxy Series adopts a new design language showcased on the concept model “Galaxy Light,“ which inherits the Geely Expanding Cosmos aesthetics and sets a new benchmark for intelligent electric vehicle design in the automotive industry.

The Galaxy Series brings together the technological strengths from Geely’s entire global ecosystem, globally leading intelligent manufacturing system, and world-class mobility technology ecosystem integrating space and earth to lead the new energy vehicle industry to a new stage of development and bring greater intelligence and safety to electric vehicles.

Geely Geometry Series

The Geely Geometry Series is a popular and trend-setting EV lineup from Geely Auto. Since its launch in 2019, its products have been imbued with the genes of being “vibrant, fashionable, and dynamic.” The Geometry Series takes a user-centric approach to product development focusing on real world range, sustainability, and safety. Its products have very good cost to performance ratio. The stylish EVs from the Geometry Series brings a beautiful electrified mobility experience to a broader range of users .

Refined Vehicle Series

The Geely “Refined Vehicle Series” includes nearly 20 models, including the Flagship “Star” models, Coolray and Binray model, Azkarra model, Emgrand model, and ICON. The Geely Star Series includes sedan, SUV, and MPV models meeting the diverse needs of users from different markets and environments.

Further Information

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