New Energy Pathway

Reducing the impact of vehicles on the environment is the responsibility of everyone in the automotive industry. Taking this responsibility seriously, Geely is committed to the development and promotion of new energy including electrified vehicles, fuel cell technology, or alternative fuels such as methanol.

Currently, Zhejiang Geely Holding Group has already gathered more than 2,500 world-class experts to research and develop new energy technologies, obtained hundreds of patents in core technologies, built a new technology architecture for new energy, and achieved the capability to independently develop new energy technologies and solutions.

In 2018, Geely Auto Group fully entered the era of new energy vehicles. The Geely “Intelligent Power” new energy strategy was announced highlighting four major technological pathways (hybrid technology, pure electric technology, alternative fuel technology, and hydrogen fuel cell technology) which will propel Geely Auto Group to become a leader in new energy technology.

Geely has also made significant progress in the field of new energy commercial vehicles and the industrialization of methanol vehicles. The London Electric Vehicle Company have become a global pioneer in zero-emission capable vehicles in the urban transportation sector.

Volvo Cars announced their electrification strategy in 2017 which stated that by 2019, all new models will have electrified versions. By 2025, half of Volvo sales will be from pure electric vehicles. Volvo was the first global auto brand to announce that all of their models would be electrified.

Green Driving

We are all living on the same Earth, the same environment. It’s our duty as responsible members of society, to protect our environment and leave it in a better condition for future generations. As the development of the world advances and urbanization expands, the demand for mobility will rise requiring new solutions. It’s our mission at Zhejiang Geely Holding Group to meet the rising demands for mobility in the most efficient and environmentally friendly way possible. To do so, we have taken a realistic multi-pronged strategy to new energy with four major development pathways towards reduced emission and ultimately emission-free transportation.