Geely Education

Geely’s history of entrepreneurship is also a history of its commitment to education. When Geely Holding Group first entered the automotive industry in 1997, it began by establishing an automotive vocational school. Today, the Group has founded 9 colleges and universities including Geely University, University of Sanya, Sanya Institute of Technology, Zhejiang Automobile Vocational and Technical College, Hunan Geely Automobile Vocational and Technical College, Xiangtan Institute of Technology, etc with total enrollment of over 50,000 students.  Every year over 10,000 students graduate from Geely supported schools. Geely’s support for education has resulted in the cultivation of more than 150,000 talents in just over two decades.

Geely University

Geely University was founded in 1999 and was named an “Outstanding Private Higher Education Institution in China” by the Chinese Private Education Association. In the two decades since the establishment of the school, 2,000 alumni have grown to become senior executives in large and medium sized global enterprises, including many who form the backbone of many business units within Geely Holding Group and its subsidiaries. On March 30, 2020, the Ministry of Education approved the relocation of Beijing Geely College to Chengdu and the renaming of the school to Geely University. The campus in Chengdu officially opened on September 19, 2020. Back by the support and resources of Geely, the college is pioneering new developments in the study of economics, management, humanities, and intelligent manufacturing. Focusing on engineering, the college has led the coordinated development of multiple disciplines including economics, management, education, literature, law, art, and physical science. With strategic support by Peking University, Geely University will jointly develop into an applied research university with international acclaim.

University of Sanya

Established in 2005, University of Sanya is a privately run higher education institution co-developed with the the Hainan Provincial and Sanya Municipal Governments. As the earliest and largest undergraduate university established in Sanya, Hainan Province, it has become the fastest growing and most competitive privately run higher education institution in China. It has been ranked second amongst all private universities in China for five consecutive years. It is also one of the few universities in China and the only university in Hainan awarded the “Double 50” title for employment, innovation, and entrepreneurship by the Ministry of Education. University of Sanya established Hainan’s first supercomputer center (computing power tanked fifth among all universities in China), the first fintech laboratory in China, collaborative education projects with American and Danish universities, and signed agreements with universities in the ASEAN region to form a China-ASEAN private university alliance. The school aims to set a high benchmark for private universities in China and become a highly respected institution in Asia.

Sanya Institute of Technology

Established in 2009, Sanya Institute of Technology supports the development of Hainan local industries and the spirit of reform and innovation in the Hainan Free Trade Port. Helping meet the growing demand for talent in the Free Trade Port, the college focuses on teaching digital technology, engineering, media, healthcare, service, and industrial digitialization. The school cultivates talents with high-level technical skills and innovative capabilities which support the sustainable development of local industries. Since the establishment of the school, the post-graduate employment rate has consistently stayed above 95% and the school has been named a high-quality employment higher education college by Xinhua and other national media organizations.

Hunan Geely Automobile Vocational and Technical College

Established in 2012, Hunan Geely Automobile Vocational and Technical College is a full-time comprehensive vocational college focused on cultivating highly-skilled automotive talents. The school has been designated as a official training center by the Chinese Society of Automotive Engineering. The college gives full play to the advantages of enterprise run education institutions and adheres to a dual subject education strategy of integrating practical experience and education by engaging with enterprises to participate in throughout the entire training curriculum. In May 2020, the college was selected to be a pilot unit in the national program for developing industrial workers in the new era and is the only vocational college in the China selected for this program.

Xiangtan Institute of Technology

Xiangtan Institute of Technology was established in June 2020 after passing evaluation and becoming the first private undergraduate higher education institution approved by the Ministry of Education in Hunan Province. The school is a strictly non-profit institution and focuses on serving the real economy, blurring the boundaries between industry and technology, and becoming a new kind of international engineer and business application-oriented university.