Future Factories

Meeting Global Demand

As vehicles become more advanced, the manufacturing processes that produce them must keep up. With a portfolio of world-class production plants, Geely Group constantly maintains its commitment to developing production facilities that lead the industry in terms of intelligence, sustainability, and capabilities.


In innovation, technologies like 5G, MEC (mobile edge computing), cloud computing and big data have arrived in our factories, changing the way we manufacture cars for good.

By integrating high-end, high-value, high-performance products, 5G intelligent “Industry 4.0” systems and a global network of technological resources, we can bring concept cars into reality, create state-of-the-art electrical architecture, and a rich selection of electrified power layouts, all of which allow us to create world-class cars which are stronger, more durable and cost-effective.

Automation (100% in many production processes) and high-precision robots make quality issues a thing of the past and allow the Group to keep up with the global demand for its cars.


Geely strives to push sustainability in all areas, including the manufacturing of its cars. This begins with the responsible selection, preparation and construction of the production site and continues into every part of the process.

The Group’s plants are shining examples of greener practices of reducing waste and energy consumption and use sustainable energy sources wherever possible to power processes. Geely takes responsibility for the management of the by-products of the manufacturing process and by doing so can make its contribution to a sustainable future.


As a group responsible for the production of a wide variety of models that span different brands and vehicle types, Geely’s production facilities must be capable of producing vehicles using the industry’s most up to date technology, safely and at speed.

One of the ways in which this is possible is through the Group’s use of modular architecture which not only allows for multiple brands and models to share platforms, but also means production processes can be shared and therefore streamlined for maximum efficiency.