Established on January 24, 2022, LIVAN Auto, a brand-new mobility focused brand under Geely Auto Group, boasts independent R&D capability, intelligent manufacturing, global supply chains and innovative marketing, service, and operations. LIVAN Auto aims to provide solutions to the new energy market through continuous OTA updates to its vehicle, cloud technology, continuous optimization of business models, and creation of a battery-swapping ecology for electric passenger vehicles. The engineers of LIVAN Auto participated in the formulation of national and industrial battery-swapping standards. To date, it has put forth more than 30 battery-swapping standards and registered over 1,000 patents in the fields of “battery-swapping architecture, battery-swapping station, and battery-swapping vehicles”.

Battery-swapping from LIVAN Auto injects new vitality into the new energy market and offers more choices to consumers. Following the brand core value of “letting users enjoy the battery-swapping technology and exploring the infinite possibilities of life”, LIVAN Auto aims to create a more convenient EV experience through battery swapping and bring users into an era of easy and free travel.

Pioneer of battery-swapping

LIVAN Auto is a brand-new mobility focused brand under Geely Auto Group. With the vision of “opening up the trend of battery-swapping in the new energy era”, and with the goal of “promoting the advantages of continuous OTA upgrades, advocating the adoption of battery-swapping, and creating new values and changes for the industry”, LIVAN Auto is dedicated to serving those who desire a free and convenient mobility experience in the new energy era!

Technical architecture of GBRC

Paving forth with technology. After over 30,000 trials, LIVAN Auto launched a GBRC multilevel architecture ecosystem around “vehicle, station, and cloud”, which covers the vehicle technology architecture, battery-swapping platform, and big data cloud platform. The platform standards are available to the industry to facilitate creation of a new convenient battery-swapping ecology.

All-electric era

In the Automotive 2.0 era, LIVAN will intensify its efforts in the market with nine competitive models, expand the presence of battery swapping stations, and bring users a more convenient and better mobility experience.