Geely Timely Assistance

Geely Holding Group launched its “Geely Timely Assistance” program providing small and medium-sized enterprises with solutions and services that help them transform digitally and achieve high-quality development.

1. Sharing Geely’s Industry Resources and Industrial Internet 

(1)Supply Chain Financial Services: Geely raised 500 million RMB to provide preferential financing options to 100 SME suppliers with discounted interest rates as low as 1% and additional enterprise data and technical support.

(2)Shared Employment Platform: Geely’s talent pool will be made available to SMEs in the key areas of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Yangtze River Delta, providing a stable supply of talent to local industries. Big data analysis is used to ensure potential employees and enterprises are the best match for each other. As supply and demand for talent ebbs and flows in different industries during different times, the platform helps reduce staffing costs and pressures.

(3)Geely Commune Digital Mall and Cao Cao Mobility Carbon Bank Shop: Geely provides free cash settlement service to hundreds of SME on its E-commerce platforms and regularly purchase “targeted poverty alleviation” products for annual holiday gift boxes given to employees. Platform data is also freely shared with SMEs.

(4)Digital Transformation Training: Geely offers more than 50 free courses on topics such as intelligent manufacturing and lean production taught live by more than 30 professional instructors to over 1,000 SMEs.

2. Sharing Geely’s Innovative Mobility Technologies and Smart Services

(1)Geely Satellite Platform: Geely have reduced enterprise subscription cost to Geely’s OmniCloud (satellite data platform) by 50% after June 2020 and provided discounts for satellite service equipment, intelligent voice AI licenses, and intelligent cockpit platforms.

(2)Business Travel Service Platform: China Railway Gecent Technology is providing 2 year free services on its app including fee-free train ticket booking, free online reservation, and free high-speed rail wifi. Geely Business Travel is helping SME reduce corporate travel costs by providing free services to over 1,000 SMEs including free access to its platform, free tech support and related cloud services.

(3)Cao Cao Mobility: Free signup for official VIP accounts which provides reduced fee ride-hailing services.

(4)Virtual Meeting Rooms: Free access for all SMEs to Geely’s audio and video conferencing systems in 2020 and 50% reduced fee afterwards.

(5)IDC Data Centre: 5% rental discount until end of 2020 including furnished office and staff accommodations.