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Zhejiang Geely Holding Group

Zhejiang Geely Holding Group is split into several units operating in eight sectors to maximize synergies and improve resource utilization

Geely Auto Group

Geely Auto Group operates and manages the following brands – Geely Auto, Geometry, Lynk & Co, and PROTON.

Geely Auto is a Chinese auto brand founded 1997 as a subsidiary of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group. With the mission of “Making Refined Cars for Everyone,” the brand has grown tremendously, becoming the best-selling Chinese automotive brand globally. The brand has already developed a network of over 1,400 dealers across China as well as over 450 international sales and service points covering 40 countries.

Geely Auto has accumulated sales volume of 1,320,217 units In 2020, and its market share has keep increased steadily.Since 2017, Geely Auto has been the top Chinese brand in passenger vehicle sales for four consecutive years

Geometry is an independent pure electric sub-brand established in 2019 within Geely Auto Group. The brand is committed to launching a series of products including sedans, SUVs, and MPVs driven by pure electric drive. It utilizes the latest technologies within the Group in the fields of vehicle intelligence, connectivity, lightweight materials, and architectures. Geometry will have its own pure electric platforms and architectures, as well as exclusive distribution channels and marketing. With Geometry, a new era of pure electric vehicle development has arrived.

Lynk & Co is a globally focused automotive brand formed in 2016 as a joint venture between Geely Auto Group and Volvo Car Group to challenge the established automotive industry with an offering that meets the needs and requirements of a new generation of globally connected consumer. The annual sales of Lynk & Co in 2020 were 175,456 units, acquired an year-on-year increase of 37%.The brand has sold more than 420,000 units in four years since its birth.

PROTON is the national car brand of Malaysia. Established in the early 1980’s at the behest of the Malaysian government and later reverted to private ownership under DRB-HICOM, it quickly became a globally recognized brand with exposure in Europe, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. In 2017, Geely Holding Group acquired a 49.9% stake in the PROTON becoming the brand’s strategic partner.

Volvo Car Group

Volvo Car Group is made up of two Swedish brands, Volvo Cars and Polestar.

Volvo is one of the most well-known and respected car brands in the world, the company aims to provide customers with the Freedom to Move in a personal, sustainable and safe way. Volvo Cars became part of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group on August 2nd 2010. In 2020, Volvo Cars sold a total of 661,713 units in about 100 countries. It plans to become a fully electric car company by 2030 and completely climate-neutral by 2040

Polestar was founded by Polestar Racing, now called Cyan Racing, to explore how the technology behind their multiple title-winning racing success could be applied to Volvo cars on all roads and conditions in everyday life. Volvo Car Group acquired Polestar from Polestar racing in 2015 and in 2017, Polestar became an independent brand focused on high-performance electrified cars. 

Polestar is jointly owned by Volvo Cars and Geely Holding Group with its own separate management and governance. It will enjoy the technical and engineering synergies of Volvo Cars and benefit from Volvo’s strong economies of scale. These synergies enable Polaris to design, develop, and mass produce high-performance electric vehicles under independent brands. 

Zeekr Intelligent Technology

Zeekr Intelligent Technology operates and manages the Zeekr brand and its ecosystem affiliates

Zeekr is an electric mobility technology and solutions brand that serves the growing global demand for premium electric vehicles. Zeekr will create a fully integrated user ecosystem with an innovation as standard. The brand utilizes Geely’s leading Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA) and includes its own battery technologies, battery management systems, electric motor technologies and electric vehicle supply chain support.

Lotus Group

Lotus Group is a majority owned subsidiary which operates and manages the Lotus Car brand and Lotus Engineering

Lotus Cars is an iconic British sports and racing car brand founded in 1952. Its founder, Colin Chapman believed lightness was key to the development of great sports car. Lotus Engineering, a subsidiary of Lotus Cars has helped developed some of the most iconic and famed cars around. Geely Holding Group acquired majority stake in the brand in 2017.

Lotus Engineering is the internationally renowned consultancy division of Lotus Group, providing a comprehensive range of technical services to many of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers and suppliers.


smart automobile manages and operates the global joint venture brand formed by Geely Holding Group and Mercedes Benz AG

smart is a global joint venture company between Geely Holding and Mercedes-Benz AG to transform the smart brand into a high-end pure electric vehicle brand for the global market. The company was established on Jan 8, 2020 with its headquarters in Ningbo, China. Sales and marketing offices have been set up in China and Germany to jointly operate and promote the transformation of the brand worldwide.

The new generation of pure electric smart vehicles will be designed by Mercedes-Benz global design team. Geely’s global R&D network will be responsible for the engineering and development of the new models. The new smart will be produced in a brand new plant in China and is expected to launch and sell globally in 2022. smart’s future product lineup will expand into the fast growing compact vehicle market segment.

London Electric Vehicle Company

LEVC is a British producer and developer of zero-emission electrified taxis, vans, and RVs.

London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC) is an English brand with a history of more than 70 years in the production of private transport vehicles, it became a wholly-owned subsidiary of ZGH in 2013.

The brand boasts over 100 sales and after sales centres across 40 countries and regions. ZGH has invested over 300 million GBP in London Electric Vehicle Company in 2015 to develop an entirely new generation of zero emission capable taxi model and a brand new production facility in Ansty, Coventry.

In 2020, LEVC also launched its newest VN5 zero emission capable commercial van.

Geely New Energy Commercial Vehicle Group

Geely New Energy Commercial Vehicle Group (GCV) is a new energy commercial vehicle technology and service focused division

Farizon Auto was founded in 2016, focusing on the development of new energy commercial vehicles and has already launched several long range capable truck and bus solutions. The company is developing urban commercial vehicles based around the e-GAPF power systems, and long-ranged commercial vehicles powered by clean methanol fuel. Farizon Auto plans on offering a full range of new energy commercial vehicles including buses, light trucks, heavy trucks, and vans.

Hanma Technology was established in 1970 and for the past half a century has been developing heavy-duty vehicle chassis, powertrains, commercial vehicle parts, heavy specialized vehicles, new energy commercial vehicles, passenger cars, and other vehicles. Parts production and vehicle assembly is the company’s main line of business. Hanma’s two subsidiary brands Valin heavy trucks and Xingma specialized vehicles has been sold in over 65 markets in Eastern Europe, North Africa, Southeast Asia, South America, and other regions.

In 2020, Geely New Energy Commercial Vehicle Group acquired 15.24% of Hanma Technology becoming the company’s controlling shareholder. In May 2021, Geely New Energy Commercial Vehicle Group completed its capital injection into Hanma Technology, increasing its shareholding ratio from 15.24% to 28.01%.

Ouling Auto is a new sub-brand under Geely New Energy Commercial Vehicle Group based in Zibo, Shangdong. Backed by Geely New Energy Commercial Vehicle Group, Ouling’s facilities in Zibo have been comprehensively upgraded with increased focus on the R&D and production of light commercial vehicles. Ouling Auto offers two product series, light duty trucks and specially modified vehicles.

Green Intelligent Link was founded in 2020 together with Transchem Group as a provider of smart commercial vehicle mobility services. Green Intelligent Link offers users specialized commercial vehicles with whole vehicle lifecycle management including rental services, sales, charging infrastructure development, and maintenance services.

Oneworld Technology is a smart commercial vehicle and green IoT service provider focused on empowering the logistics sector with sustainable service solutions. Oneworld is committed to building a smart new energy logistics ecosystem.

Geely Technology Group

Geely Technology Group is a division made up of innovative brands invested in by Zhejiang Geely Holding Group.

The group acts as an incubator for young brands giving them access to Geely global resources.

BSKY is an aluminum material processing and material science research group

Joinnet Energy is a wholly-owned innovative energy provider under Geely Technology Group. Joinnet Energy applies new technologies and industrial knowhow in energy production, transmission, and communication. The company operations encompasses the entire energy distribution value chain from generation (supply), network (transmission), storage (trading), load-balancing (demand tracking), and end-user delivery (transaction) through innovative application of AI, big data, IoT, blockchain, and other technologies. In 2021, Joinnet Energy will produce industrial energy storage equipment, enable the creation of smarter more efficient factories, and become a technologically leading energy storage service provider and integrated service platform.  In the future, Joinnet will focus on energy storage, industrial battery management, energy storage network development, and build the world’s largest energy storage network. Through its energy storage network, clean energy including solar and wind can be improved and greater efficiencies can be achieved.

Yiyi Internet Technology is a charging and battery swapping facility operator and smart energy ecosystem developer

Aerofugia was established in September 2020 through the merger of Terrafugia and AOSSCI. Aerofugia operates multiple brands including Terrafugia, AOSSCI UAV, etc. The company’s mission is to empower everything with technology creating a more convenient world and enable seamless transmission of information and people. The company has comprehensive R&D, testing, production, and servicing capabilities with a team of more than 400 people.

Terrafugia is an innovative company committed to revolutionizing mobility by opening the skies to daily commuters.

Geespace is a Geely strategically invested innovative technology enterprise. Founded in 2018, Geespace is committed to becoming the world leading provider of satellites, related infrastructure products, and application solutions. The company aims to raise the level of the satellite industry chain and advance the commercialization of aerospace technologies.

Geespace provides highly competitive, secure, reliable customized solutions for satellite networks, satellite data application, and high-precision navigation positioning service. Through the application of innovative aerospace technologies, the company provide support for smart manufacturing, future mobility, big data computing, etc. Geespace creates value for its customers by forming transparent win-win cooperative partnerships and innovating the aerospace industry.

Qianjiang Motor is one of the largest producers of motorcycles in China and own several renowned brands including Italy’s Benelli. They are also known for their lithium battery technology developed for vehicle usage. The company was majority acquired by Zhejiang Geely Holding Group in 2016.

Mitime Group

Mitime Group was established in 2004 and is managed by Geely Holding Group.

The Group focuses on diversified investments and operations in the fields of motor speedparks, sports activities, and cultural tourism. There are more than 40 subsidiary enterprises collectively valued at over 10 billion RMB and employing over 3,000 employees under the Mitime Group. The group is divided into three main divisions, Mitime Speedparks, Mitime Sports, and Mitime Tourism.

A key supporter of motorsports culture in China and around the world, Mitime has been instrumental in the development of new modern motor speedparks.

Mitime Speedpark responsible for the investment and development of motor speedparks around the world. They have already constructed multiple race circuits in China and abroad, Current they operate tracks in Ningbo, Chengdu, and North America.

Mitime Sport is a key area of development for the Mitime Group. The group has organized many sporting events, provided high-end sport related support services, and promoted participation in sports. Their mission is to promote sports and healthy living to the public.

Mitime Sports includes Mitime Racing, Mitime Golf, Mitime Sailing, Mitime Endurance Sports, and other businesses.  They have organize the Ningbo International Marathon, China-ASEAN International Marathon, Dragon International Half-Marathon, China Iron Man, and Hangzhou Bay Bicycle Race.

Mitime Tourism is a key area of development for the Mitime Group in tandem with the group’s organization of sporting events.

Through Mitime tourism, the group has been able to create a sustainable year-long economic ecosystem supporting the many sporting events it has organized.

Mobility Services Division

Geely’s Mobility Services Division is responsible for managing Geely’s investments in mobility services

CAOCAO is a new energy focused mobility services platform invested in by Zhejiang Geely Holding Group. Established in 2017, CAOCAO has already been put into operation in over 55 cities with a total of 50,167 new energy vehicles. The APP platform of CAOCAO has 41.83 million registered users and 1.1 million daily active users, and seen more than 2 million rides ordered daily. Through the use of new energy vehicles, the platform has reduced carbon emissions by over 300,000 tons and saved more than 150 million litres of fuel compared to the use of traditional taxi vehicles.

Starrides is a 50:50 joint venture between Daimler Mobility Services and Geely Technology Group headquartered in Hangzhou offering high-end mobility services in select cities in China. The vehicles used by the service will include but not limited to Mercedes Benz S-Class, E-Class, V-Class, Maybach sedans, and high-end pure electric models from Geely Holding Group.

Fintech Services Division

Geely Fintech Services Division is responsible for the operation and management of Geely invested financial services and financial technology platforms

Genius AFC is a joint venture between Geely Automobile Holdings Limited and BNP Paribas Personal Finance which provides financial products and services for licensed dealers and car buyers.

Wisdom Leasing is a subsidiary of Geely Holding Group focusing on auto financing. It currently provides the Group’s subsidiary brands including Geely Auto, Volvo, Lynk & Co, Geometry, Farizon Auto, etc with auto financing services. Wisdom leasing is available in nearly 200 cities across 32 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions in China.

SaxoBank is an expert in financial technology. It focuses on multi asset trading and investment, and offer corporate customers Banking-as-a-Service.

Saxo Fintech is a joint venture between Saxo Bank and Geely Sweden Holdings dedicated to providing financial and regulatory technology solutions to Chinese financial institutions and investors.

Geely Talent Development Group

Geely’s history of entrepreneurship is also a history of education. Before entering the automotive industry in 1997, Geely Holding Group first established a school to cultivate talents for the automotive industry. To date, Geely has established 9 higher education institutions including Geely University, Sanya University, Sanya Institute of Technology, Zhejiang Automobile Technical College, Hunan Geely Technical College, etc. Each year more than 10,000 student graduate from Geely schools. Over 150,000 talented individuals have already been educated through Geely schools.

Geely University was founded in 1999 and relocated to Chengdu in 2020 in response to the call for increased educational development in China’s western regions. The school was established with a 5 billion RMB endowment, built on a 2000 sq acre area, and has a total planned construction area of 1.2 million sq meters. Enrollment restarted in Sept 2020. The school offers courses in multiple disciplines including economics, management, education, art, literature, law, and science. In the 22 years since it was founded, the school has held the motto of “entering the campus to improve society” and operated under a distinct enterprise-led education model that integrates real-world experience with coursework. Over 100,000 talented individuals has graduated from the school. Geely University continues to thrive with strategic support from Peking University and the resources from Geely Holding Group.

Sanya University was established in 2005. The campus covers an area of 3000 acres with 500,000 sq metres of building space. The number of undergraduates studying at the school is over 22,000. The school operates on a distinctive “student-centric” philosophy and application-oriented teaching model. 5 year post-graduation employment rate for students have reached 95%. The school offers 51 undergraduate majors, 9 disciplines, and 5 key disciplines including “digitalization of the financial sector”, “digitalization of the automotive industry”, “modern service industry”, “urban governance”, and “healthcare industry.” Sanya University encourages industry-university research collaboration. The school has been ranked 2nd among all comprehensive private Chinese universities for six consecutive years.

In June 2020, Xiangtan Institute of Technology became the first private undergraduate school approved by the Hunan Ministry of Education. The non-profit school focuses on serving the real economy and pushing the frontier on industrial technology. It aims to become a global model of application-oriented education focusing on engineering and business.

Zhejiang Automobile Vocational and Technical College (managed by Geely) was developed from the first school founded by Geely Holding Group in 1997. The original school was the place where Geely’s dreams sprouted. It is now jointly run by the Linhai Municipal Government and Geely Holding Group as a full-time vocational college. The school focuses on the automotive industrial chain with 19 majors including transportation, finance, and media. The post-graduation employment rate has reached 98% with tens of thousands of talents trained every year

Hunan Geely Automobile Vocations and Technical College was established in April 2011. It is a full-time higher education institution approved by the Hunan Provincial Government. The college is located in the National Economic Development Zone in Xiangtan, covering an area of 340 acres. It is a training center designated by China’s Society of Automotive Engineers. The school currently has three teaching departments with 20 majors.