Mitime Group

Mingtai Investment Development Group (MiTime Group) was established in 2004 under Zhejiang Geely Holding Group focused on the investment and operational management of higher education, Sports, cultural tourism, and other businesses. The group is divided into three main sectors – Education, Sports, and Tourism.


MiTime Education is one of the largest investors in private education in China, which operates under the idea that “education leads the advancement of society.” MiTime Group actively promotes the development of education in the automotive industry. With billions of RMB in education investments, the group established two undergraduate universities, Beijing Geely College and Sanya University as well as two vocational colleges, Sanya Polytechnic College and Hunan Geely Automotive Vocational College which deliver valuable talents to the Chinese automotive industry and society.


MiTime Sports is a key promoter of outdoor sports and motorsport culture. The group is a major organizer of sporting events in China including the Volvo China Open (golf), China Yachting League, Ningbo International Marathon, F4 Championship, CFGP China Formula Grand Prix, Police Car Championship, Mulan Classic, Geely Super Cup, and others events. Not just as an organizer, the group is heavily involved in the development of motorsport culture through training drivers and providing racing equipment and race cars. To expand the accessibility and reach of motorsports to the public, the group builds and operates world-class race tracks. Currently the group operates tracks in China in Ningbo, Changsha, Zhuzhou, and Wuhan and in the United States in Utah.


MiTime Tourism is focused on development of cultural and experience based tourism. Leveraging the group’s extensive experience in motorsports, MiTime Tourism has invested in several projects based around motorsports such as an Off-Road Sport park, a Racing theme park, etc. With an emphasis on outdoor activities, the group has ventured into experience tourism with projects such as the Beijing Jiufeng Cross Country Sports Park, a scenic 6,000 acre park surrounded by mountains which lets visitors experience nature, go on cross-country sporting activities, and camp outdoors.

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