Geely Auto

Geely Auto focuses on “Making Refined Cars for Everyone”

Geely Auto is a young company but it has already established itself in the automotive world; it sells the best selling domestic vehicle in the Chinese market, it has developed small displacement turbo equipped vehicles to deliver the best compromise between power and frugality; it has an innovative new energy strategy that aims to further the take up of New Energy vehicles and is committed to producing a new energy solution for everyone of its products.

Based in Hangzhou, China, Geely Auto has manufacturing facilities across the globe. Geely Auto is also committed to world-class research and development in the auto industry. It has established the Geely Automotive Research Institute in Hangzhou and the world-leading Geely Research Institute in Hangzhou Bay, Ningbo to focus on development of vehicles, engines, transmission and vehicle bound electronics. Other facilities include Design Centres in Barcelona, Gothenburg, California, Coventry, and Shanghai.

Geely Auto Group sold over 1.3 million vehicles in 2021

Geely Auto has a substantial network of sales offices domestically, consisting of over 950 dealers in China and almost 500 sales and services points overseas. It has invested substantially in building a first-class call centre, offering 24-hour services to customers in China. Geely Auto has more than 70,000 employees including five R&D centres and five design centres with over 20,000 research and design personnel.

Further Information

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