As support for Geely’s environmental protection project grows, we hear about the importance of “Blue Guardian” from some of the experts.

On World Earth Day (22nd April) this year Geely Holding Group officially launched its “Blue Guardian” Project, using industry-leading satellite tech for ocean cleanup and the protection of marine life.

Since its launch just a few months ago the project has received attention from all over the globe, including recognition within the scientific community for its potential contribution to environmental conservation. Among these are Nobel Prize Winner and sustainable development advocate Professor Daniel Kammen, Vice-Chairperson of the Asia Pacific Water Forum Ms Wu Changhua, and Jeremy Rifkin, Economic and Social Theorist and Author of “The Third Industrial Revolution” and “Zero Marginal Cost Society”.

These are just some of the people who have come together in support of the Blue Guardian Project and commended Geely on its undertaking of such an initiative. Here’s what they had to say:

“I personally pay very close attention to work on marine environmental management. These efforts are critical, not only to protecting the oceans and the whole planet, but it’s also a critical opportunity to use the aerospace industry technology like satellites and artificial intelligence.

“I really want to thank Geely for inviting me to participate in the Blue Guardian Charity Project. I’m so glad to see that, as a tech giant, Geely Holding Group chose marine environment and the earth ecological protection as one of its charitable targets. It’s an opportunity for satellite exploration, for the use of high-tech to protect the planet, and it’s a great opportunity to show what China’s space technology can do.”

Daniel Kammen is a Professor at the University of California, Berkeley, and the Director of the Renewable Energy Laboratory.

Wu Changhua, Executive Director of the Professional Association for China’s Environment, Vice-Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Asia Pacific Water Forum, and a member of the Future Council of the World Economic Forum.

“It is exciting that the international community is waking up – governments, companies, organizations, and individuals are beginning to work together to understand the limit of the Earth’s life support system. From information to knowledge, from thought to action, from investment to technology, everyone has begun to work together to protect the safety of the marine ecological environment, for the sustainable development of mankind, and protect our ‘blue home’ of the future.

“Working together to protect our marine ecological environment is not only the responsibility of multinationals and leading enterprises, but it also demonstrates that a commercial enterprise can make good use of its own scientific and technological capabilities and resources to be environmentally friendly.”

“Our scientists are telling us that we are now in the sixth extinction of life on earth. We’ve spewed massive amounts of carbon dioxide in the air with our industrial way of life. And now, our scientists say that we could lose over half the species of life that exist on this planet, to extinction, sometime in the next eight decades. That’s in the lifetime of today’s children.

“The Geely Blue Guardian marine environmental protection campaign is a worthy venture. We will increasingly rely on digital technology, on sensors, on the Internet of Things, to be able to steward our marine environment and help it re-flourish in the 21st century. This is a critical concern for future life on this planet so I congratulate Geely on this campaign for marine environment protection.

“This is a very important moment to rededicate ourselves, in every country, to moving into a zero-emission, third industrial revolution and digitally-connected society so that our children and future generations can flourish again on earth.”

Jeremy Rifkin is an Economic and Social Theorist and Best-selling Author of a number of books including “The Third Industrial Revolution”.

All environmental efforts require a long-term commitment and Geely Holding Group is ready and willing to use its resources. With its technical expertise gained as a leader of the industry, the Blue Guardian Project allows it to make a meaningful difference to society. Gaining recognition from key individuals in their respective fields is encouraging, and we hope to inspire others within the industry and beyond it to do what they can for future generations.

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