The Uni3 campus started as a concept; a place where all Geely Holding companies in Sweden could be in one place, working side-by-side in developing tomorrow’s innovative technologies and design. It’s now been two years since the first tenant moved in and the campus is bursting with life. Gang Wei, CEO of Uni3, shares some of the latest developments around the campus.

When we previously reported on the Uni3, it just completed the first phase of development and people were just starting to settle in. The pandemic played its part in stalling further relocation efforts but now, the campus has become the epicenter of all Geely activities in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Uni3 has space for around 3,600 workstations and Geely companies, such as Geely Holding Sweden, CEVT, Lynk & Co, Geely Design, Ecarx, Aurobay and Geely Group Motorsports, takes up 70% occupancy. The rest is opened to other companies interested to operate from this modern office located in the middle of Gothenburg’s famed science park in Lindholmen.

Uni3 mainbuilding

Catering to its residents’ needs

A recent survey conducted on Uni3 residents, who are made of almost 50 nationalities, yielded a 90% satisfactory rate on Uni3’s work environment. Residents expressed that they are not only happy with the office aspect of it, but also on the entire user experience and various functions it serves, such as food, leisure, as well networking and event space.

For instance, Uni3’s World of Food is praised for its innovative menu that changes weekly, designed with the combined flavours of Asia and Europe in mind and inspired by the five traditional Chinese elements. This East meets West philosophy that is unique to Uni3 is a reflection on more than a decade of joint efforts between the Chinese and the Swedish side.

Uni3 offers other conveniences, including platforms for meetings and events where innovators can share ideas in a highly conducive atmosphere. In line with promoting a healthy lifestyle, yoga classes are offered at the atrium, where several ping-pong tables are also made available. Soon, a famed gym operator will get everyone sweating at the campus.

Uni3 Office

Right where it needs to be

Uni3 is strategically located across the river from Gothenburg’s city center and is just a short ferry ride away. The campus is also close to many suburbs and is well-connected via public transportation, making it easily accessible to the locals. Travelers can choose to stay at an upcoming hotel located within campus grounds which also offers long stay apartments.

According to Gang Wei, the location itself has attracted many external parties who have expressed interests in setting up their own offices within Uni3, including Geely brands Volvo Cars and Polestar. This serves Gang’s vision of turning Uni3 into a business hub from which major companies operate from and that it shouldn’t be limited to just automotive businesses.

This is also the reason why the campus is called Uni3 and not the Geely Innovation Center, which was the working name at the start. Gang said the idea is to create a soft value, a brand on its own that is separate from Geely and is thus able to open its doors to everyone. Throughout the campus, he reminded that we do not actually see the Geely logo being plastered everywhere.

Uni3 Theatre Concert

What’s next?

Gang and his team are still hard at work to push Uni3 to its full potential. An entirely new building has been proposed and is currently in discussion with potential business partners. An Asian grocery story and bubble tea café is also being planned to complement the Chinese noodles restaurant that recently opened, which further enriches the campus’ Eastern traits.

Besides that, various activities are planned throughout the year, whether it be cultural in nature like the Mooncake and Midsomer festivals or adds entertainment value like having a children’s choir or violinists performing at the atrium. Various leadership talks are also being organized while local sports players are invited to play against Uni3 residents.

Uni3 as a benchmark going forward

Uni3 marks Geely’s first foray into providing building facilities and services for its sprawling array of brands. Even though it runs multiple factories and management offices in China and around the world, this is the first time a Geely facility is recognized as a brand with proper services rendered to internal, as well as external clients.

With its success, Gang believes that Uni3 can serve as a blueprint that can be cloned elsewhere in the world. Lessons learned from the construction, operation and entire experience can be shared and adopted by other Geely companies when setting up their own facilities, ensuring the same standard of services.

Geely Walk on the Uni3 campus

From when you walk into the lobby and greeted personally by the front desk staff, you’ll know that this is a different kind of office and a different kind of Geely. Uni3 is built on the back of the company’s continuous success in Sweden and to illustrate that Geely vows to be open and transparent while being inclusive and cooperative with the local community.

So if you are ever in Gothenburg, do drop by to experience Uni3 by Geely.

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