Geely Design Global, the design arm for Geely Auto Group (Geely), has found a new home in the heart of Gothenburg. What looks like a massive black box from the outside will be home to hundreds of international designers who will lend their skills and talents to define next-generation cars from Geely.

The Geely Design Centre at the Uni3 campus in Gothenburg

Aptly called the Geely Design Center, the minimalistic yet sci-fi inspired building is part of Geely’s Uni3 campus, a cluster of buildings located within the Lindholmen Science Park that houses several Geely brands and businesses. Some of its neighbours include CEVT (China-Euro Vehicle Technology), Lynk & Co, Ecarx and Geely Group Motorsports.

This brand new, five-floor design complex can serve multiple brands under one roof but will presently focus on the hip and urban brand Lynk & Co, as well as the luxurious all-electric brand Zeekr. The building’s interior boasts an open concept to encourage design teams from both brands to work together as a single, unified unit.

Geely Design Centre’s opened concept

Geely’s design outfit in Gothenburg now has about 550 staff working in multiple disciplines, from exterior to interior design, physical to digital modeling, color, material, finish (CMF), and newer functions like human-machine interaction. A large virtual and augmented reality section has also been carved out to aid designers in exploring new depths and possibilities.

Lynk & Co’s The Next Day concept car

This mix between old school and contemporary techniques, coupled with the excitement of working on two new brands, will require an influx of new talents. The design house is expected to attract them from all corners of the globe, with special lookout for young, diverse minds who will further refine the design language of these revolutionary brands.

Geely’s VP of Global Design, Stefan Sielaff (centre)

Geely’s global design chief, Stefan Sielaff, welcomed guests at an unveiling party recently that include car design colleagues, business partners, suppliers and designers from other fields. A strong advocate of transparency, Stefan has been praised by Geely’s upper management for breaking down silos and getting his teams to come together as one, regardless of brands.

“Since acquiring Volvo Cars in 2010, Gothenburg has benefited greatly with the emergence of new brands and businesses belonging to the Geely family, turning the city itself into an innovation hub. The Geely Design Centre reinforces us further in Northern Europe as a mecca for designers who are fixated at transforming the automotive sphere”, said Stefan.

The Geely Design Center will officially open its doors after the Swedish summer break in August 2022.


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