2024 March 28th, Hangzhou, China – Zhejiang Geely Holding Group (Geely Holding) Chairman Eric Li and Founder and CEO of New Oriental Education & Technology Group (New Oriental), Michael Yu visited Taizhou, the birthplace of Geely and live streamed the latest batch production of satellites at Geely’s Satellite Super Factory.

During the live streamed trip to Taizhou, the two discussed Geely’s fast development over 27 years of automotive manufacturing, from the company’s establishment of its first school “Zhejiang Automobile Vocational and Technical College” to the creation of the world’s first mass-production satellite plant which integrates automotive manufacturing capabilities to mass-produce aerospace products. In addition to visiting the Satellite Super Factory, the two also experienced Geely Auto’s latest generation flagship electric sedan, the Geely Galaxy E8. Through the trip down memory lane, Eric Li and Michael Yu exposed Geely’s growth through focus on industry, cultivating talents, technological innovations, and constantly improving production.

Running schools to give every student a chance to excel in life

Standing at the place where it all began, Eric Li was full of emotions. Today, where Zhejiang Automobile Vocational and Technical College stands was the location of Geely’s first production line. In the early days of his entrepreneurial journey, Eric Li planned for three separate areas on the plot of land, an industrial zone for the development and production of vehicles, an educational zone to cultivate automotive industry workers, and a living area to provide accommodations. From that initial plan, Geely began its road to automotive manufacturing.

Geely’s investment in education is no less than its investment in automobiles. The company’s development history is a history of talent cultivation. At Geely, raising talents is of utmost importance. Eric Li believed that talents aren’t found but developed in a strategically planned manner. Through the cultivation of talents, a consistent, continuous, and sustainable corporate culture can be born. At the college’s new energy vehicle training center, Lu Yicong, dean of the craftsman school, a nationally recognized craftsman and Geely employee revealed the secrets of Geely’s development; the integration of education and industry, providing students with the chance to excel in life.

Geely has been running non-profit schools for more than 20 years, integrating education with industry. Geely Holding has already opened a total of ten colleges and universities around China from vocational schools to graduate schools forming a comprehensive talent cultivation chain.

Health and safety at the forefront

As an owner of the Geely Borui and Geely Galaxy E8 models, safety has been Michael Yu’s top priority when selecting vehicles. Safety is not only the top concern of many users, but also of Geely. Geely Auto and Volvo Cars have the same commitment to safety in their hearts. The Galaxy E8 has successfully survived a 20-ton out-of-control heavy truck crash and the Lynk & Co 08 EM-P survived rolling and falling from a 60-meter high cliff with all occupants found safe and sound.

The evolution of safety never stops and Geely has continued to improve vehicle safety through innovations such as AI. Recently, Geely showcased the world’s first driverless drift with its AI digital chassis technology. Autonomous drifting functionality integrates Geely’s world-class cross-domain capabilities such as large model AI, digital chassis, and intelligent drive to give users a more intelligent safety experience.

Eric Li said “Health and safety are Geely’s top priorities. Safety has been integrated into Geely’s culture. Safety is set as a priority during all stages of Geely vehicle development from project planning to design to engineering. For Geely, no matter the brand or product, health and safety are our highest concern.”

Developing smart productivity and low-orbits satellites to empower the future of mobility

Smart productivity is a new form of manufacturing empowered by technological innovations. The recent “Government Work Report” placed “the promotion of a modern industrial system and elevating the state of production” as a top priority for China. During this trip, Eric Li and Michael Yu conducted in-depth discussions on quality focused productivity. Eric Li said that cars are the new carriers of high-tech apps. In the process of transitioning from traditional vehicles to smart vehicles, there are lots of room for innovation and development, for example in battery and electric mobility technologies, HMI technologies, intelligent drive, vehicle chips, low-orbit satellites, and other technologies. The Geely Satellite Super Factory is a representative of this transformative era in smart productivity.

Geely is China’s first company to “build cars and satellites at the same time.” The Geely Satellite Super Factory fully integrates aerospace and automotive manufacturing technologies to achieve mass production of satellites. It has an annual production capacity of 500 satellites making the factory a global leader in the industry. Geespace is building the Geely Future Mobility Constellation with plans to deploy 72 satellites in its first phase. Currently after two launches, 20 satellites have been put into orbit providing support for autonomous driving functions, smart connectivity, improved mobile device network connection, and integration of IoT devices with satellite networks. The constellation is comprehensively enhancing user experience with an integrated space and earth mobility ecosystem. To date, models from Geely’s subsidiary brands including the Zeekr 001 FR, Geely Galaxy E8, and others have been equipped with satellite communication functionality. When there is no ground network coverage or if cellular towers are damaged, users can remain connected through satellites. Satellite connectivity supports safer mobility and “always available” network connection.

New Oriental satellite to jointly protect agriculture

In addition to empowering mobility, Geely Future Mobility Constellation also has AI remote sensing capabilities which can provide 1.5 meter precision high-resolution images. The constellation can not only be used to monitor ecological environments, but also dynamically track crops and movement of livestock.

The third launch of Geely’s Future Mobility Constellation is set for second half of 2024. During the live streamed trip to Geely’s Satellite Super Factory, Eric Li invited Michael Yu to witness the upcoming launch at the launch site and announced the launch of the “New Oriental Geespace Blue Guardian Agriculture Protection Plan.” Among the next batch of satellites to be launched, one will be named “New Oriental” which will be used to monitor agricultural products and provide consumers with safer healthier agricultural products.

Michael Yu said “Cars are the center of the IoT ecosystem and Geely is the first company to combine cars, mobile devices, and satellites. In the future, this ecosystem will be full of unlimited potential and opportunities.”