• Lynk & Co pure electric Zero Concept made its public debut at the Beijing Auto Show
  • Details of the concept model state-of-the-art technology released in detail
  • New technology underpins Lynk & Co’s future leadership in smart pure electric vehicles

2020 September 23rd, Beijing. Lynk & Co, the global premium brand created by Geely Auto Group, debuted their Zero Concept pure electric model to the public at the 2020 Beijing Auto Show and revealed new details about the state-of-the-art technology underpinning the model.

The smart pure electric Zero Concept is the first of many models developed on Geely Holding’s Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA), a new electric vehicle architecture that Geely Holding aims to share across the Group and also with third party OEM’s.

Based on a dedicated pure electric vehicle architecture, the new Zero Concept was able to achieve a perfectly balanced 50:50 chassis weight ratio with a length of over 5 meters and long wheelbase over 3 meters. With short front and rear overhangs, interior space has been maximized enhancing user experience.

The Zero Concept eliminates range anxiety with a long battery range of 700km; the battery has been tested to be able to retain its range without degradation for at least 200,000km and have a design life of 2,000,000km, much higher than competitors.

The model is equipped with a single 400+kW motor powering a four-wheel drive system which can accelerate the vehicle from 0 to 100km/h in under four seconds. With its world class chassis tuning, inherent low center of gravity, wide body, the Zero Concept provides its users with the ultimate dynamic driving experience.

Taking autonomous driving to the next level, the Zero Concept comes with Lynk & Co’s CoPilot ADAS system. CoPilot takes advantage of Mobileye’s Supervision Technology and latest system-on-chip EyeQ5® to offer users the highest level of safe and reliable autonomous driving features currently available to the public.

The Zero Concept is Lynk & Co’s most luxurious product to date coming equipped with a range of highly customizable state-of-the-art technologies. To provide its users with the ultimate level of ride comfort, Zero Concept come with 150mm-220mm height-adjustable air suspension and continuous damping controlled (CDC) electromagnetic shock absorbers. Not only does the technology allow the model to make adjustments to its suspension according to various road conditions right out of the factory, full-life OTA updates allow Lynk & Co’s R&D team to continue optimizing the system after receiving user feedback. Inside, the Zero Concept comes with a variety of user experience enhancing features such as high-end Yamaha speakers, customizable ambient lighting, on-board cameras, etc.

The Zero Concept was developed with the idea that vehicles can continue to evolve after leaving the factory. The SEA OS development ecosystem connects global developers and SEA-based models. Together with full-life OTA updates, SEA-based models such as Zero Concept can continue to evolve and improve their users’ experience.