• Geely honoured with China Automotive Industry Science and Technology Award.
  • Geely 1.5TD + 7DCT powertrain selected among 170 other industry-shaking innovations for award.
  • SAE-China praise Geely’s advanced powertrain technology.

2020 November 6th, Hangzhou, China. China’s Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE-China) awarded their highest honour, “China Automotive Industry Science and Technology Award” to Geely Holding Group (Geely) for the development of their highly versatile, highly efficient, high-performance 1.5TD+7DCT powertrain system. SAE-China is China’s most prestigious non-governmental professional association for scientists, academics, engineers, and technicians working in the world’s largest and most competitive automotive market, China.

China Automotive Industry Science and Technology Award

Each year, automotive industry peers in SAE-China nominates and selects great achievements and innovations which have advanced and influenced the automotive industry for their “China Automotive Industry Science and Technology Award.” In 2020, Geely’s 1.5TD + 7DCT powertrain system was selected among 170 other industry-shaking innovations developed by top Chinese Universities, science academies, and global automotive R&D centres to be honoured with the prestigious award.

Panel judges and industry peers selected Geely’s newest powertrain system co-developed with Volvo Cars for making key breakthroughs in three major challenges faced by the industry, namely: developing a highly versatile compact engine, balancing performance with fuel efficiency, and increasing the utilization and reliability of hybrid power.

Geely 1.5TD Engine

The 1.5TD+7DCT powertrain system was the result of years of collaborative R&D between Geely and Volvo. Designed to be highly versatile and offer high performance, the 1.5TD+7DCT can provide sufficient power for models in the A0-B-segment. The powertrain system is capable of being used alone in a purely ICE powered configuration or integrated into four different hybrid power setups including 48V MHEV, HEV, PHEV, and REEV. Compact yet powerful, the 1.5TD engine can provide a maximum 132kW of power and 265Nm of torque. The 7DCT transmission has an industry leading 97.2% transmission efficiency, can handle up to 450Nm of torque, and shift gears near instantaneously in 0.2s.

Overcoming the stigma of three cylinder engines, Geely’s 1.5TD was able to achieve NVH performance levels equal to current four cylinder engines on the market. Geely’s 1.5TD was developed with over 120 innovative NVH optimizing parts, reducing perceivable engine jitter and noise. At idle, engine noise inside vehicle cabins can reach as low as 38db. Developed to meet the most stringent global emission standards yet to come, Geely’s 1.5TD offers exceptional fuel economy and low emissions.

Geely 1.5TD Breakdown

From the onset, Geely’s 1.5TD+7DCT powertrain was designed to support electrification. In China and other markets around the world, Geely became the first Chinese automaker to offer a mass market 48V mild hybrid model paired with the 1.5TD+7DCT powertrain. The 1.5T engine is also one of the only engines on the market to utilize a more fuel efficient and lower emission miller cycle in tandem with a HEV hybrid power setup.

In just over two years ago, more than 1.6 million 1.5TD engines and 7DCT transmissions has been produced and delivered. Multiple brands under Geely have equipped the award winning powertrain in their most popular models including the Geely Coolray, Azkarra, Okavanga, Volvo XC40, Proton X50, all Lynk & Co models, the LEVC TXe, etc. Over 21 countries including Sweden, UK, Russia, Malaysia, Philippines have products on the market utilizing the powertrain. The success of the powertrain system is testament to Geely’s 100 billion RMB investment over a decade in R&D and dedication to global collaborative innovation.

Lynk & Co 01 PHEV

Geely Azkarra 48V EMS