• Investment reaching 6.2 billion RMB.
  • Geely Auto launches new iNTEC technology brands
  • New engine range includes highly efficient 1.0TD and 1.4TD engines

11 May 2017, Hangzhou Bay, China. Geely Auto Group’s new flagship research and development center was formally opened earlier today. The new state of the art facility its home to nearly 7000 full time engineers and spans over 275,000 square meters of land in Geely.

As part of the opening celebrations, Geely Auto announced its iNTEC technology brands. This new iNTEC technology brand are a package of five leading technologies including safety technology, internet connectivity, engine technology, interior environment technology, and driver aids.

iNTEC were designed around a ‘humanized intelligent driving technology’ concept where the technology was developed to give the owner and occupants a greater level of safety and convenience whilst in transit.


For Geely, a five-star crash score is not the beginning or end of safety; the company has put G-Safety systems as the core of full car development. “G-Safety” is built from the exterior inwards, including a precise security identification system, driver assist system, information management and safety warning systems, collision warning system, accident alarm system, and emergency contact system. “G-Safety” provides occupants with a complete set of passive and active safety systems. Currently the technology has been integrated in the Boyue, Emgrand GL, and other generation 3.0 Geely cars.

For pedestrians and cyclist outside the car, Geely has also developed a four level “Pedestrian Protection System” that includes a detection, warning, avoidance, and injury reduction system.


Geely’s self-developed G-Netlink system allow drivers to use interface with their vehicles through a myriad of different ways; from remote control via app allowing drivers to lock or unlock their vehicles, start the vehicle, turn on heating or cooling etc. At the same time this system provides in-car WiFi and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto systems.  The G-Netlink system has already been integrated into Geely’s 3.0 generation of vehicles and can achieve autonomous driving under certain conditions. This technology has provided people with more turning Geely Auto Group from a traditional manufacturer to a travel solutions enterprise.


Geely’s G-Power range of engines are primarily light weight alloy engines that make full use of second generation turbo and fuel injection technologies to push G-Power to the forefront of world-class powertrain systems and will continue to give consumers a more efficient, more powerful and more frugal engine systems. Geely’s full range of 1.0TD, 1.4TD engines and brand new 7DCT transmission will be introduced into the G-Power range in the coming years.


G-Blue focuses on the development of healthy car interiors, bringing healthy environments into the vehicles and shutting out pollution. G-Blue is also a development standard where Geely Auto aims to bring ‘clean’ materials into its interiors to avoid having poor quality materials in the vehicles.


G-Pilot has been developed to meet future market demands guided by the evolution of intelligent drive technology. A 10-year roadmap has been planned for G-Pilot, starting with the GC9 model in 2014 which is expected to achieve a high degree of autonomous driving after 2020, and by 2024 G-Pilot is expected to reach new heights.

Geely Research Institute

Geely Research Institute is a world leading research and development center; the center was built with 6.2 billion RMB of investment and is fully capable of designing and developing complete vehicles, including parts, new energy vehicle technologies, powertrain, testing facilities and quality centers.

The new center is based in Hangzhou Bay, between Hangzhou City and Ningbo City, just 80km from Geely Auto Group’s headquarters in Hangzhou.

Geely Auto Group CEO and President, Mr. An Conghui commented:

“Geely Auto Group has always invested heavily into its research and development capacity. The arrival of iNTEC technologies showcases our ability to develop new technologies and our foresight in long term development strategies. At the same time, it also demonstrates that we are a technology driven company, putting consumer’s thoughts and requirements at the forefront of research and development to give the end user a better, more efficient experience and to push forward automotive technologies.”

As China’s first privately owned Chinese auto group, Geely Auto Group has already gained over 20 years of automotive research and development which has pushed Geely to develop four global R&D Centers in Hangzhou, Ningbo, Gothenburg, Sweden and Coventry, UK with over 10,000 engineers from over 30 different nationalities including nearly 3000 foreign engineers. Geely Auto has also registered over 14,000 patents throughout its development story.

Over the past two years Geely Auto has entered into a period of high speed growth under its ‘Making Refined Cars For Everyone’ brand promise which has led to the creation of the Geely GC9, Bo Yue SUV, Emgrand GS and Emgrand GL models, all of which have become the benchmark vehicles in their respective segments. In the first four months of 2017, Geely Auto has sold 365,308 vehicles with a growth of over 94% making it the fastest growing auto manufacturer in China.