500,000 global users can’t be wrong. Let’s meet the superfans of Lynk & Co.

May 10th 2021 will be remembered as a milestone in Lynk & Co history – it was the day that the brand reached half a million users globally. In just over four years since the Lynk & Co brand was launched at an event in Berlin, Germany, it has gained a huge following. Sound impressive?  One-fifth of this total came in the last 6 months.

When the brand launched, the positioning was clear – Lynk & Co would offer users a new experience with its vehicles. In the Chinese market a strong ‘Lynk & Co: Club’ platform exists as a means of encouraging and growing the community in a shared love of the brand and its cars. We speak to some of Lynk & Co’s superfans about why they chose the brand.

The early bird gets the worm

Just before 8 pm (Beijing Time) on 17 November 2017, Harry Jiang sat waiting anxiously at his home computer. What was he waiting for? The start of a long-anticipated event. Soon the Lynk & Co 01 would be launched and pre-orders for the brand’s very first model would begin. He was determined to be in the first batch of buyers and therefore have bragging rights as one of the very first owners of a Lynk & Co, the exciting new brand and a mix of the homegrown Geely Auto and the much-admired Volvo.

He had the procedure memorized; he would not hesitate in pulling the trigger when the clock struck 8.

However, he was not alone – the queue was long and the first 01s were highly sought-after. He explains, “Those who rushed to order first had a blind passion for the brand – the pricing had not even been announced and many, like myself, had not even seen the show car. Now THAT is true love!”

The next day, not only was he confirmed as among the first on the waiting list for the new car, he was Lynk & Co’s very first customer. 3 months later he picked up his car and the rest, as they say, is history.

Three is the magic number

There can be no question of Bob Deng’s love of Lynk & Co. His desire for the cars of Lynk & Co could not be satisfied by the purchase of one car alone; he is the proud owner of three.

Unsurprisingly, his purchase of three cars from the same brand led to a lot of raised eyebrows from his friends and family: “By the time I bought the third Lynk & Co car, they began asking me ’Have you recently starting working for Lynk & Co?’” You may have heard of classic car collections, but Bob’s is perhaps the first private collection of Lynk & Co’s in the world.

Bob Deng with his 03

His first purchase was the 02, the brand’s hatchback. After the release of the next model, the 03, Bob took it for a test drive. He fell in love with the car’s looks and the feeling behind the wheel and had to double his collection.

Finally, his growing family gave him another excuse to look into expanding the ‘fleet’, this time for reasons of practicality: “My little brother had grown up and my parents needed a car with more space, like an SUV. The 01 was everything I loved about the other cars, but with extra space for our growing family.” While Bob’s collection currently remains steady at three cars, he cannot say for certain the 01 will be his last purchase…

Enjoying the golden years

I got my driver’s license at 69 and bought Lynk & Co at 71.

A good car breaks down generation barriers and is timeless; it can be appreciated by someone, regardless of when or where they were born. Ben Qiao was born in the 1940s, but once he retired, he decided he was going to live the life he wanted to live: he took up tennis, joined a band and even passed his driving test at the age of 69.

Having lived his entire life without being able to drive, he wanted to experience the thrill of being behind the wheel and the freedom of being able to go wherever he wanted. Initially, he was a little apprehensive: “I was afraid that driving at my age would be dangerous, and that I would need to pay extra attention when I drove.”

He was assured by his family, who shared with him the Lynk & Co 01’s various safety features, robust design and Volvo DNA. Since then he has enjoyed driving his car daily and looks forward to taking it on a road trip to visit his friends in Tibet.

Ben Qiao

While the Lynk & Co 01 recently landed on the shores of Europe, the brand already has over half a million fans across the world who will testify to the brand and its products. Perhaps the idea of the brand hitting the one million users mark isn’t simply a case of if, but when…

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