As construction nears completion and with a host of new tenants moving in, we’ve decided to take a closer look at why the innovation companies of Gothenburg are choosing Uni3. 

While Geely was born in China, it has now become a global company with deep roots planted in Sweden after its acquisition of Volvo in 2010. During this time, we have seen the creation of Lynk & Co, CEVT (China-Euro Vehicle Technology), Geely Design SwedenGeely Group Motorsports, as well as Geely Sweden Holdings that oversees Geely’s Swedish interests 

Originally spread across Gothenburg, the region’s automotive hub, Geely decided to place its Swedish investments (aside from Volvo and Polestar) into a cluster within the Lindholmen Science Park and hence, the idea for the Uni3 by Geely was born. Also called the Geely Innovation Centre, the campus is made up of several modern looking buildings that offer stunning views of the Gota River and larger city. As homage to its part-Chinese heritage, each building represents one of the five elements from the Chinese zodiac. 

The main building in Uni3, the Water building, where most companies under the Geely Group are located.

The Uni3 Theatre inside the Water building, otherwise known as the courtyard.


The main building at Uni3 is represented by the element that covers about 70 percent of the Earth’s surface and is essential to sustaining life. The glass on the building’s exterior reflects the sky above and the adjacent river, giving it a blueish hue that is analogous to the ocean.

This building houses Geely Sweden Holdings, along with CEVT, Geely Group Motorsports, ECAR-X and Aurobay but more prominently, it’s where lies the beating heart of Uni3. Its centre courtyard, called the Uni3 Theatre, comes complete with a mini waterfall and has the capacity to host events with up to 600 people – ideal for weddings, exhibitions and even screening of live sports. In addition to its cafeteria, a new restaurant serving Chinese and European cuisine will soon be opened within the building.


The building representing wood is mainly green in colour, alluding to trees and forests. This second largest building houses mostly external tenants, including United Spaces and Combine Control Systems, as well as conference rooms and a large auditorium that can be rented out to third parties. Fun fact – each of its meeting rooms is named after a different type of wood, for example maple, birch or oak.

Its terrace is ideal for a variety of sports and leisure activities such as table-tennis, yoga and shuffleboard, making it the perfect spot for hanging out after-work or for finding inspiration on a slow day (we all have them).  

Interior of the Wood building.

The auditorium within the Wood building.


The earth element can be seen within the natural elements around campus grounds – the grass, the trees, the birds, even the air that flows around the campus. It is what breathes life into Uni3 and creates balance and harmony between the buildings – what better way to respect an element than in its most literal form.


The fire building will be taken up by one of Scandinavia’s largest hotel operators, Nordic Choice, and is expected to open its doors in autumn this year. Since Geely is a global company with staff frequently moving between Sweden, China and the rest of the world, having a hotel within close proximity of its offices adds much convenience.

The soon-to-be-named hotel will have 254 guest rooms that include 23 rooms for long stays, two restaurants, two bars, seven conference rooms with total capacity of up to 230 people, and a wellness centre. The building’s exterior panels are of the same colour frequently-associated with fire – red.

A concept of Nordic Choice’s hotel entrance.


Two more buildings, both representing metal, are still in its final stage of construction. When complete, one will be the new home to Lynk & Co, while the other to Geely Design Sweden. Black is the colour chosen to represent metal here and goes in line with the image of its two tenants – black is one of Lynk & Co’s brand colours while design houses and designers alike tend to associate themselves with black, adding a touch of mystery to their persona. 

A concept of the Lynk & Co building.

A concept of the Geely Design Sweden building.

With Uni3 almost complete, Geely has now officially taken up permanent residency in Gothenburg. What’s more, it is not exclusive for companies under the Geely Group but is becoming a hub for other big names from the innovative and hospitality fields. The entire campus exudes a welcoming and conducive atmosphere one could ever hope for in a workplace that promotes innovationplus all the amenities needed at your fingertips to have the perfect fika. It doesn’t get any more Swedish than that.  

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