Under the shade, the azalea blossoms,

“They’re so delicate,

after each passing winter……”


The most precious time of a girl’s life.

But for ethnic Yi girls in Daliangshan, Sichuan Province,

They’re forced to grow up early,

to care their families,

Their parents looking towards their future

moved from the mountains,

Yet poverty still keeps these girls from school.

To solve the education problem for these left behind children

Wang Ronghui established the Green Shade School

Taking in students from hundreds of kilometre away,

For poor students who couldn’t even read,

She created a women’s class,

Opening a window to knowledge for them.

“Once a girl is educated, she’ll have knowledge, be cultured, and her life changed. Her expectations for happiness will be a little higher. This kind of girl, even her children will be better off.”

——This is the mission of Wang Ronghui’s Women’s Class

“The knowledgeable becomes a teacher, the moral becomes a role-model”

She has been criticized before,

But for the future of the children,

The future of the nation,

For twenty years, she has kept these words in her heart

In order to help each student,

Become the best that they can be,

Able to meet the challenges and grasp the opportunities of the future.

The Green Shade School is like a big tree sheltering saplings

Under the shade, these saplings are protected

Until the day they’re ready to sprout and grow

And Geely along their life’s path

Is giving them a bit of “Timely Rain”

From 2017 to now

The Geely Holding Group Li Shufu Public Welfare Foundation

Has donated to the Green Shade School

Helping more than 150 girls complete high school

Like Wang Ronghui,Geely has founded and operated schools for over 20 years. Currently the Group operates Beijng Geely University、Sanya University、Sanya Polytechnic、Zhejiang Automotive Vocational and Technical College、Hunan Geely Automotive College, etc. More than 50,000 students study at Geely schools and more than 10,000 graduate each year. Over 150,000 graduates have already entered society as talented employees.

The future is in the hands of the children

More people need to be there to guide them

Opening the future with wisdom, changing fate with knowledge

Beautifying life with art, spreading love throughout the world.