Our expressions, more than simply the way we look,

can share with the world who we are

and the most truthful of these expressions

is our smile.

On 8th May, World Smile Day, Geely Holding Group comes together with 12 outstanding singers from all over the world to sing Geely’s anthem for the battle against the epidemic, “Smiles Even Brighter than Before”.  May this song encourage and honor those fighting the epidemic ,and may your smiles shine brightly in every corner of the world.

When a person smiles, the world falls in love with them. We hope our song “Smiles Even Brighter than Before” can give everyone strength and encouragement during this time.


As a global company, Geely Holding Group has also taken real action to provide support for the fighting and control of this global epidemic. At present, Geely Holding Group has donated PPE supplies to 14 countries including Sweden, Germany, Italy, Spain Belarus, and the United Kingdom


Going forward, Geely will continue to assist in the fight and continue to provide medical supplies where they are needed.


As more and more countries and people are affected by this global problem Let us stand together as a global community with a shared destiny.


Though separated by distance, are hearts are as one.
As the fog dissipates their smiles, always brilliant, can once again be seen.