2019 October 23, Coventry, UK. During the World Chinese Business Conference held in the UK, Gao Yunlong, Vice Chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Council and Chairman of China’s National Federation of Industry and Commerce led a delegation to visit Coventry. The delegation witnessed the production of the 3,000th electric TX in London Electric Vehicle Company’s (LEVC) Ansty plant and attended an exhibition consisting of famed Lotus models including their newest pure electric supercar, Evija. Zhejiang Geely Holding Group (Geely Holding) Chairman Li Shufu attended the World Chinese Business Conference and accompanied the delegation to Coventry.

Gao Yunlong praised the development of Geely in the UK saying “Geely’s innovative development in the UK is a model for Chinese companies to go global.” He hoped that Geely Holding will continue to grasp opportunities and develop globally through scientific and technological innovation. Through transfusion of capital to the synergetic development of technology, Geely has promoted the integration and development of enterprises and made significant contributions to Sino-British business relations.

Helping the British Automotive Industry through Innovation and Development

During a visit to LEVC’s green LEVC Ansty plant, the delegation witnessed the production of the brand’s 3,000th electric TX. The pure electric London taxi model is the result of Geely Holding’s investment in Coventry and R&D. The new TX was developed using Geely Holding’s achievements in range-extension and lightweight technologies whilst retaining the iconic London taxi body. The TX reputation has spread throughout Europe, leading the European taxi industry down the road of high-tech eco-friendly mobility.

The delegation later visited an exhibition of Lotus models including Evija, the brand’s first new model since joining Geely Holding. Evija is Lotus’ most powerful production road car ever and first super car. It was released in July 2019 with a power output of 2,000 PS, 0-300 km/h acceleration rate under 9 seconds, top speed of 320 km/h, and ultra-light weight of 1,680 kg. Evija sets a new benchmark for advanced EV engineering and marks the opening of a new chapter in Lotus’ exciting history.

During the visit, Geely Holding Chairman Li Shufu said “The deepening of trade between China and the United Kingdom has driven further exchange and the development of enterprises within the two countries. As a member of the Chinese manufacturing industry, we have experienced this first-hand. Geely hopes to continue integrating global resources in the future, give full play to the UK’s strengths in the fields of new energy and lightweight technologies, provide more diverse solutions to urban mobility around the world, and contribute to growing Sino-British trade and technological development.”

Global Integrated Development

Since 2006, Geely Holding has invested in London Taxi Company which later was renamed London Electric Vehicle Company, built LEVC’s new plant in Coventry, established Geely’s UK R&D and design centre, and acquired British sports car brand Lotus. Geely Holding’s activities in the UK has sparked an automotive renaissance encompassing the whole industrial value chain from R&D, manufacturing, marketing, and services, greatly promoting the development of the automotive industry in the UK.

LEVC’s Ansty plant was the first new vehicle plant in the UK in over a decade, directly creating more than 1,000 jobs and indirectly creating thousands more. To date, Geely Holding has invested over 500 million pounds into LEVC, reviving the historic brand. Access to Geely’s global resources has led  LEVC to make new technological breakthroughs such as the development of its lightweight, zero-emission capable commercial electric vehicle platform. The new electric TX is now being exported around the world and new commercial vehicle products are being developed around the innovative platform.

Since joining Geely, a new chapter in Lotus’ brand development has been opened. Geely set up a design centre in Coventry to support Lotus and pushed the brand to design, develop, and produce the new Evija in the UK. Over the next few years, Lotus will continue to grow, taking British automotive engineering to the next level, cultivate new automotive talents in the UK, and support the local automotive supply chain.