Terrafugia’s mission

Terrafugia’s mission is to create the ultimate mobility solution – flying cars.

Terrafugia aims to revolutionise transportation as we see it and create a new dimension of personal freedom for everyone.

About Terrafugia

Terrafugia was founded in 2006 by five award winning MIT graduates that had a vision and a passion to change the way human’s move around their environment.

On November 13th 2017, Terrafugia became part of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group in an industry changing transaction, mixing Geely Holding’s entrepreneurial and innovative spirit with Terrafugia’s passion and vision.

Terrafugia and Geely

With Terrafugia now part of the Geely Holding Group portfolio, Geely Holding Group will continue to promote the development of Terrafugia’s flying car plans with strengthened R&D efforts in the United States.

Visit Terrafugia at: https://www.terrafugia.com