As this year’s Beijing Auto Show draws to a close, let’s looks back at the brands, the cars and the news from Geely Group.

The Beijing International Auto Show has finally closed its doors after an eventful week of news and reveals. During, and in the days before the show, Geely Group and its brands made a number of significant announcements, including architecture and product and concept vehicle reveals. All of our content and press releases can be found on our Beijing Auto Show media assets page here.

We wanted to go further and give people a more immersive experience – to feel as if they were on the exhibition floor walking around the cars and speaking with other attendees about their feelings for the cars on show. This is why we released the following two videos: a Tour of Geely Group at the Auto Show and an ‘Audience Reacts’ video, where we speak to the media and auto professionals on the week’s happenings.

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