In today’s China, the status of women have grown much from ages past, they’re the head of families, the setter of trends, and the leaders of society. For Geely, their contribution is the cornerstone of the group’s growth and success. Empowering her is empowering us all.

On March 8, International Women’s Day, we could write a great deal about how women are changing China for the better, or wax lyrical about the changing female consumer – but we have decided to focus on the women that are inspiring a new generation of female leadership within Geely. Women who dare chase after their dreams, women who are independent and not tied down by labels.

Wang Rui Ping

15 years ago, Ms. Wang Rui Ping set off on a journey from Canada to China after her studies had been completed. She joined Geely in 2011 where she found an out of date portfolio of engines and it was her responsibility to take Geely into the turbo age and then into the hybrid electric age. She began to work on a then industry leading 1.8T engine that was going to benchmarked against the best in the industry and would help to revitalize the way that Geely was perceived in the market place. The engine was a success – it was used in the flagship Bo Rui sedan, the Bo Yue SUV and was awarded “A Top Ten Chinese Engine” accolade.

“I was lucky to join the Chinese automotive industry as it was going through a period of high speed growth, we’ve managed to Geely from competing with other Chinese brands to competing head to head with other global brands.”

Chen Min

Ms. Chen Min is a career Geely person. Business orientated with an open attitude, she is soft at heart but with a determined and curious streak.

She joined Geely when the company itself was a baby. She worked in the production centers, she can install or remove engines and gearbox by herself, she’s washed cars and even at one point she was washing dishes. Later she would transfer to a newly created after sales team where everything was created from scratch – there was no logistical team, there were no standards to follow, she had to create them all by herself.

Chen Min has always enjoyed working on the front line of sales and will tell her teams that great sales people have responsible and kind hearts. Our sales teams are the image representatives of our brand. “If a market is given to you. You are the leader of this market. You should bring your wisdom and methods to the market, you must understand your market dynamics at all times, and seize the opportunity in response to the situation.

When talking about the impression of professional women in the workplace, Chen Min said: “Working women should be should be strong and resilient at heart.” Chen compares herself to a flower in the desert – no matter how rough the environment is, as long as there is sunshine and a drop of water, it can always bloom.

Ms. Zhang Cha Zhi

Zhang Cha Zhi has a storied career at Geely, as one of the early Geely employees she has received the ‘Li Shufu Award’ for substantial commitment to Geely’s development over the past few years.

The order management department may sound like a relatively simple department that collects the orders and send them to factories. In fact – the ordering department carries the marketing department, becoming an all-weather barometer for Geely’s marketing success.

Ms. Zhang led the team from creation with only one product to support and one contract form that led to the development of monthly sales reaching in the hundreds, to hundreds of thousands of units per month.

Geely is continually growing, Ms. Zhang has put her focus on continuous learning, innovation and self-improvement, always focusing on accepting new ideas and concepts and how they can be utilized in daily work.

Ms. Zhang said she was lucky: “From when I started at Geely, the teachers and leaders paid great attention to the growth of employees. We all worked together around a common goal and thanks to their support, today we have a great system in place for growing with Geely”