Compliance is the basis of an enterprise’s sustainable development, the key to participation in the global economy and lawful competition, and the rules for the continuous development and progress of the economy and society. If there is no rule, there is no fairness. Enterprises participating in the market must first think about compliance. Cooperation must have rules. The construction of a compliance system is not only necessary for the survival and development of enterprises, it is also a responsibility an enterprise has to society.

Geely Holding Group has always adhered to honesty and integrity in all its operations, conducted its business in strict compliance with all laws and regulations where it operates, and strives to cultivate a corporate culture that holds itself and its employees to the highest standards of ethics. In order to continuously improve the effectiveness of compliance management, enhance the identification and respond quickly to compliance risks, and promote the group’s stable and compliant operation and sustainable development, Geely has implemented a Compliance Management System (Zhejiang Geely Holding Group 2019 Compliance Management System Guidelines) based on the UN Global Compact’s Ten Principles, anti-corruption law in major countries and economies, GB/T 35770-2017/ISO 19600:2014 (“Compliance Management System Guide”), relevant compliance management guidelines from Chinese ministries, and the best compliance practices from around the world.

Through legal and compliant management, Geely continues to create value for users, continuously improve employee quality, and continuously improve the company’s operational efficiency and sustainable development. At Geely, all employees must learn compliance and improve the group’s operational efficiency through compliance management. Executives at all levels are expected to be role models in compliance, honesty and integrity. Self-discipline by all employees is the backbone of compliance. This is Geely’s compliance management mission.

When representing Geely Holding Group, every employee must comply with relevant laws, regulations and company policies, and abide by the high ethical standards laid out in the company’s values and compliance guidelines. Management at all levels are expected to be set an example in compliance management and integrity.